Help Ukraine in the war with Russia
Glory to Ukraine!
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We guarantee that the funds received will be used for targeted use - as support for those who shed blood on the battlefield, and those who are forced to stay in shelters, saving their lives and the lives of their children!
Your financial help will help us buy what we need while we are in Kyiv
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My name is Alexander Sokolov, my Telegram and WhatsApp number is +380667612345 WE don't have time to make a beautiful website, we are in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, all business has stopped here, there are roadblocks and explosions are heard around and sirens are working, we are sitting at home helping each other there is no inflow of financial resources, there is no work, but we want to be here and help those people who need food, water and other essentials here today in Kyiv.

There are still groceries in the stores, but to buy them you need money that many of us are running out of and your funds will help us buy food, water and other necessary things for life in order to be here in this difficult time and repel the occupation and support Ukraine. We will be grateful for the trust and all possible financial assistance in this difficult time to the best of your ability to us as residents of Kyiv. You can also go to our support chat and ask questions or write to me in private messages on Telegram or WhatsApp +380667612345